Welcome to Alpha Gearhead!

There are countless other car culture sites out there, so thank you for stopping by.  I think you’ll find the content unique and engaging.  Probably a little different than what you are used to, as none of us are professional journalists but are die-hard car enthusiasts.

By way of introduction I am an automotive engineer working in the class-8 truck industry, and hold a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Specialty and Master of Science in Engineering Management both from Kettering University in Flint Michigan.

I’m a father of two amazing soon-to-be Gearheads one approaching four years and the other just under a year old.

Currently I have a heavily modified 1955 Jaguar XK-140 OTS in the garage that my dad and I restored and upgraded while I was in high school.

Not wanting an average econo-box, I run a 2015 Ford Focus ST for daily commuting/family duty, and have six other vehicles in addition to those.

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