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DriveTribe is no more

January 28 was a sad day for many automotive enthusiasts around the world, as DriveTribe shut down their website and mobile app. With many automotive writers, both amateur and professional, looking for a new home, we decided to open up the opportunity for some of those creators to write for AlphaGearhead! The DriveTribe community was … Continue reading DriveTribe is no more

What is a “Gearhead”?

“What is a gearhead?", you may be asking. There is no desire for an academic definition, for it is about passion and performance, not just theory.  It’s about engagement, not passive observation.  True gearheads have dirty hands and a grin from ear to ear.  They long to hear an engine roar, or challenge a fast, … Continue reading What is a “Gearhead”?

2022 February in Cars

David Ivan (aka Planarian17) from Indonesia returns, with a look at automotive news from around the world! February has passed, thus it is time for my monthly news rundown, now with more news than ever. I have covered virtually everything relevant in the automotive world. From the DBX 707 to small things like BMW and … Continue reading 2022 February in Cars