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Interesting Stuff

From time to time we will review and recommend a product that we think is particularly compelling. Unique tools, automotive gadgets, or books that you’re sure to find interesting and maybe even useful! Below you will find links to these products available at Amazon, as well as a link to our review. While we are not the seller of these items, we do benefit from their purchase through Amazon’s Associate program. Simply click on the title, or the image to go directly to the product at Amazon.

Corvette: 1963-1967 by Larry M Galloway

An interesting insight into the Corvette Sting-Ray from someone who “worked the line”, full of details not found in other books on the topic. Read our review here.

The Racecar Alphabet by Brian Flocca

A book to teach your children the alphabet, exciting new words, numbers, and even historically significant race cars!  Read our review here.

OTC Tools Drain Plug Pro Magnetic Remover

A charmingly simple device, just a screwdriver handle, flexible extension and magnetic end. Read our review here.

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