The Gearhead’s Library

If you spend much time working on cars, writing about cars, or just enjoy being around them, you’re bound to benefit from reading about cars. Whether you need to visit the factory service manual for complex maintenance, or want to know the history of your favorite brand, there’s a great book for you out there! … Continue reading The Gearhead’s Library

Road-Worthy once more!

Yes, we’ve been quiet here at AlphaGearhead for far too long, but hear me out! One of the challenges of classic cars is the constant attention they require to keep them on the road. Small projects turn into weeks or months. Major projects? Who knows? Add a full time job, family, kids. Well, know we … Continue reading Road-Worthy once more!

How to make your 6,000lb luxury SUV feel like a sports car in three easy steps!

We've previously expressed a fondness for the practical benefits of a full sized luxury SUV, however, an enthusiast will still point out that an 18' long 6,000lb vehicle lacks the dynamic driving experience of a small sporty car. I am happy to announce that I've found an excellent and easy solution to this conundrum! Just … Continue reading How to make your 6,000lb luxury SUV feel like a sports car in three easy steps!


If you don't already listen to CarsYeah! podcasts hosted by Mark Greene, you should! He has great guests including automotive authors, racing drivers, and industry professionals. I am the 1,054th guest! The audio is available directly here Show notes available here, along with audio Have a listen, and let me know what you think! Make sure … Continue reading BRANDON SHRIVER ON CARSYEAH!