SU Fuel Injection? Interesting!

Continuing with today’s theme of fuel/air mixture devices.  I’m sure this will be costly, but what a wonderful option for those less inclined to tinker with antique carburetors.

For me half the fun of an older car is the satisfaction of getting the carb(s) and other bits tuned “just right”, but I certainly understand those who just want to get out and drive!


Burlen SUi Fuel Injection “Carburettor” The SU Carburettor was developed by brothers Herbert and Carl Skinner in the early 1900s – the name is an abbreviation of Skinner Union. The unusual-looking carburettors would go on to become almost ubiquitous in the British motor industry, and would be fitted to engines in cars built by Rolls-Royce,…

via Burlen SUi Fuel Injection “Carburettor” — Silodrome

3 thoughts on “SU Fuel Injection? Interesting!

    1. SUi. Way cool idea, looking to fit 3 on my XKE. Contacted Burlen May 2019 ….still in development. Hope they finish soon..


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