The Next Generation


mighty motor,

maker of motion-

roars like a monster,

minded and mended

by many mechanics.

Thus reads my favorite line from my three year old’s favorite book, The Racecar Alphabet by Brian Floca.

Yes, the engineer in me wishes the author had used the more correct “engine” rather than “motor” in this context, but it is a trivial complaint for this delightful children’s book. It’s a quick, but surprisingly educational read. The artwork is whimsical and age appropriate for beginning readers, yet detailed enough to discern specific car makes and models with enough variety for any gearhead to appreciate.

The language is simple to understand, with some ambitious wording that children can continue to grow with for several years.

As the name implies, the story proceeds through the alphabet, the excerpt quoted above being the entry for M, but gearheads will be delighted to note that the cars are introduced in chronological order, and parents will note that the cars are introduced in numerical order.

Cars appear in numerical order

Yes, a book to teach your children the alphabet, exciting new words, numbers, and even historically significant race cars!  Lots to love here, and very little to detract.

All-in-all a great way to send off the next generation on the road (or track!) to being a fully engaged gearhead!

The Racecar Alphabet at

Note: The author of this review  has no relation to the author or publisher of the subject.

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