Cleaner Oil Changes!

Every now and then we stumble upon a tool or device that makes everyday tasks easier and more pleasant.

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The OTC 5911 “Drain Plug Pro” is one such device. If you drive many miles per year and/or have several vehicles, then you probably find yourself changing oil frequently, and likely dread that moment when you get to the last thread of the drain plug. As the drain plug clears, hot oil shoots out of the sump; if you’re lucky it only gets all over your hand, but that depends on your position under the vehicle.  Sometimes, in a startled state, you also drop the drain plug, either into the dirty oil container or somewhere on your garage floor or driveway.

Enter the OTC 5911. A charmingly simple device, just a screwdriver handle, flexible extension and magnetic end. Once you break the drain plug free, you put the magnetic end on the plug and unscrew from a safe distance. No more oil all over yourself, and no more dropped drain plugs!

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Simple and effective, there’s not much more to say.

Get it at
OTC (5911) Drain Plug Pro Magnetic Drain Plug Remover

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