The Spirit of a Gearhead

Heart Gearheads Love Cars! Every input to the steering, throttle or brakes sparks an emotional response and, hopefully, an ear-to-ear grin. Whether it is the singing tires announcing that your recent carb and ignition tuning are on the mark or a compliment from a fellow gearhead, we sense an emotional tie.  There are also those … Continue reading The Spirit of a Gearhead

103 Cubic Inches Thundering Along Florida’s “First Coast”

Enough!  Enough rain and wind and lightning!  Our Harley Electra-Glide had been calling for weeks, but business travel, family visits, and rain made our trips far too rare.  This Monday was different - the sun dancing on the surf and the promise of no rain, except the normal Florida afternoon thunderstorms, were all that was … Continue reading 103 Cubic Inches Thundering Along Florida’s “First Coast”

Gearhead Thanksgiving  2017

Thanksgiving!  Yes, it is a truly American holiday, but one that is universally enjoyed by all who pause to express gratitude for life and the many opportunities it provides.  It is a time to gather with family and friends, to share memories and enjoy a grand meal, whether it be turkey with trimmings, or simpler … Continue reading Gearhead Thanksgiving  2017

Investing in Corvettes; Insights From Sting-Ray Siblings

Our family’s two Corvettes are like siblings, clearly sharing common DNA but truly unique in personality. Each is a true investment, providing a positive rate-of-return, but with very different approaches and measures of value.     These Corvettes were born about 18 months apart, the yellow coupe in late 1964, the blue roadster in mid … Continue reading Investing in Corvettes; Insights From Sting-Ray Siblings