The Mind of a Gearhead

In our lead article, “What Is A Gearhead?”,  we observed that cars are our passion, our purpose.  Cars are far more than a means of transportation – they are an expression of our God given desire to create.  Next, we considered the Gearhead’s heart which transforms an ordinary car into one that truly connects with our soul.

But what about our mind?  Isn’t there a uniqueness in the way we gearheads think?

Yes!  While others may see a car as a pragmatic form of transportation or even a money sink, we see opportunity.  The Gearhead Mind is unique in at least three ways:

✓ We seek information – always pursuing a deeper understanding.

✓ We develop a clear vision and plan for improving our cars.

✓ We take initiative, turning our vision into a reality.


Our quest for knowledge is unquenchable.  We read car magazines and technical manuals on how to tune SU carburetors or rebuild our Corvette’s fuel injection system.  We search the internet for “how to” install free-flow air filters in our Boxster – not as simple as expected.  We scan instruments to monitor our cars performance both before and after we modify it.


We search for new, interesting cars on “” or “” – there is never a shortage of cars that connect with our heart and mind!  Right now I am in a quandary; should I consider a ’39 Buick business couple like my dad had back in the day or a early Dodge Viper that has better investment potential?  Again, there are many websites that provide information on car values, performance and reliability that help us make logical decisions – even if our spouse fails to see any logic in the quest for yet another project.

We seek insight from fellow gearheads through car clubs, car shows and swap meets.  Of course the internet has made it easier to connect with other like minded people.  There are a multitude of dedicated web resources eager to quench our thirst for knowledge.  These include car specific websites, like that of the National Corvette Restorers Society or Ford Focus ST forums to those covering the Twelve Hours of Sebring race.  Yes, information concerning any aspect of our favorite mode of transportation is but a mouse click away.  How many gigs of information do you consume in a month?

Gearheads are not satisfied with information alone, however.  They want to transform that information into knowledge and wisdom.  Knowledge is the doorway to application, the key to making the focus of our attention uniquely ours.  We seek to optimize all aspects of our car; engine performance, handling, braking, safety and appearance are all open season.  There is no limit to where our imagination will take us!

With that knowledge, we develop a true plan.  For example, with engine performance we return to basic principles; gas and air intake, combustion and exhaust efficiency.  We may start simple with a low restriction air filer and stronger ignition spark.  “But why stop there?” our mind demands.  “Why not consider adding a more robust carburetor and exhaust headers?”


The same quest applies to handling, appearance and safety.  For example the advent of LED lights makes it easier to make our Harley more visible without overloading the electrical system.  Likewise, the right choice in tires provides better handling, safer braking and increased fuel economy – all important to the gearhead.


In the end, the gearhead’s mind leads to action!  Gearheads have initiative, not satisfied with a mere plan.  Implementing our plan is often reflected in our dwindling bank account but is offset by the first twist of of the key and release of the clutch.  We find deeper meanings in our plans than mere pride – for in its implementation, we connect with family and friends.

Yes, the gearhead’s Mind seeks information and knowledge – both with a clear purpose.  That, along with our unique hearts makes life far more rewarding.

“Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding, for the gain from her is better than gain from silver and her profit better than gold.”

Proverbs 3:13-14 – ESV

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