Alpha Gearhead is looking for writers!

Alpha Gearhead is excited to announce that we have met the milestones we established to start accepting reader submissions and guest writers! We knew all along that we would need to expand the talent base to get where we want to be, but wanted to verify growth and have enough volume of work to establish a style and develop our niche in the crowded automotive media field.

Effective immediately we will be accepting reader submissions and guest articles!

Why write for Alpha Gearhead?

There are countless, more established automotive journals you could apply to, but consider the following benefits of writing for Alpha Gearhead:

  • We have no bureaucracy; you will be interfacing directly with an executive editor. Your contact will have complete discretion on whether your work gets published, and all details of publication.
  • You retain full rights and ownership of your work. After publishing at Alpha Gearhead you are free to share your work anywhere you like.
  • We are growing fast, and hope to improve even faster with your help! A month ago Alpha Gearhead was an idea being discussed by a few car guys nobody had heard of, today we have over 2,000 views, with a steadily growing network at Facebook and DriveTribe, a social media platform for all things automotive. At one year old DriveTribe has over 1 billion views making this an exceptional platform for growth!
  • We do the hard part for you. Writing an article about your favorite subject is fun. Editing, formatting, publishing, sharing, and maintaining aren’t as enjoyable. As a guest writer you get to write the article, we’ll handle the rest!
  • We will treat you like a human! One of the worst feelings is putting a lot of time and energy into writing about something you’re passionate about, submitting it… and never hearing about it again. Did you have too many typos? Too long? Too short? Publisher just thought the whole thing was stupid? You’ll never know! If, for any reason, we decide to not publish your submission we will contact you promptly and give you constructive feedback.


First of all, this is a very informal process. We want to encourage you to write for us, to help Alpha Gearhead grow, and help you get started in writing! If you have something you want to write about, the best thing to do is contact us and start a dialogue with an editor. As mentioned above the editor will have complete discretion to ignore any below guidelines on a case-by-case basis.

That said, here are the general guidelines for work to be published on Alpha Gearhead.

  • Relevant content: see our existing categories for examples.
  • Professional/G rated: One of our passions is growing the future generations of gearheads, so we want content to be appropriate for all ages and sensibilities.
  • Passionate: This isn’t Consumer Reports. Write about what you love.
  • Positive: We want it to be encouraging, not degrading.  Comparisons are welcomed and expressing preferences is fine, but avoid strong negative statements or derogatory comments.
  • Length: 500-1,000 words.
  • Photos: 3-6 original pictures approximately 1mb each
  • Original: Please don’t plagiarize! This is one guideline that’s actually a rule.

How to submit

Simply go to the “contact” page from the main navigation bar, and let us know what you would like to write about!

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