A Gearhead New Year

The week between Christmas and New Year is traditionally a time of reflection – a time to consider the past and look to the future.  Let’s take a few minutes to gather our thoughts as 2018 opens.  What did we, as gearheads, accomplish in the past year?  What are our hopes for 2018?

AlphaGearhead in Review

2017 was a big year for AlphaGearhead.com – starting with our beginning in November.  We have published 30 articles in those two months and you have responded with over 2,700 visits to our website.  We have expanded to DriveTribe.com with over 42,000 views and one of our editors (Brandon) being selected as an engineering ambassador.  We welcomed others to share their passion and knowledge, and were answered by Aaron Smith and Gary Horneck!

Being true gearheads, your editors have lived the dream.  We are busy rebuilding SU carbs and Corvette headlights.

Collectively we welcomed four new cars, including an early Boxster and new Dodge Daytona.   We installed a performance chip in our F-250 and a free flow exhaust on a Focus ST.

Other activities included improving manual gearbox shift linkages, installing new performance tires and dyno-tuning our Harley – each after solid research pointed us in the right direction.  We sold two race cars and started the search their replacement.  More importantly, we enjoyed our vehicles and used them to strengthen family ties.

AlphaGearHead– the intersection of knowledge and passion

Yet, AlphaGearhead.com is not about the editors’ or website’s accomplishments.  Its purpose is to link likeminded individuals – to provide a forum for sharing our collective passion and knowledge.  Gearheads are encouraging and inclusive – not limiting our interests to a single brand whether it be a car, magazine or spark plug.  We do not squabble over the originality of a fuel filter on a classic Corvette or attempt impress others with our lap times.  Instead, we seek to share our experiences and insights to make everything related to motoring more enjoyable.

With that purpose in mind, what are AlphaGearhead’s aspirations for 2018? They are simple:

✓ Enhance our collective enjoyment of vehicles by sharing passion and knowledge based on real life experience.

✓ Encouraging you to share your experience and knowledge with others, both family and friends and collectively through this website.

Your 2018 Gearhead Aspirations

What are your gearhead aspirations for 2018?  We do not use the term “resolutions” since they tend to be onerous, not encouraging the passion we seek.  Here are a few to consider:

✓ Make a couple of performance improvement to your favorite vehicle.  It can be simple maintenance, like installing a high performance air filter, or more advanced (and expensive) like adding new wheels and tires.

✓ Taking road trips that include both interesting routes and destinations.  A summer or fall cruise along North Carolina’s Tail of the Dragon

or California’s Pacific Coast Highway comes to mind.  Perhaps a spirited drive on Germany’s Nurburgring is an option.

✓ Add a “Gearhead” magazine to your reading list.  There are many available to suit a broad range of tastes, from tests of new exotic cars to restoring antiques, you can find one that is both interesting and insightful.  Classic Motorsports and Hemmings Classic Car are two of our favorites.

✓ Attend a major car show or race. While the famous ones at Pebble Beach, CA and Amelia Island, FL may not be your cup of tea, there are many regional events that are quite inviting.  Vintage car races at Sebring, Monterey, Lime Rock, Watkins Glen or a host of other tracks are always rewarding.

✓ Get involved with a local car club whether it be for a specific make, such as the Harley Owner’s Group (HOG) or a broader “Cars and Coffee”.  You will find others that share your passion and are eager to provide insights.

✓ Volunteer to assist at a car event, such as a car race or show.  Organizations such as the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) are always looking for corner workers to make their events safe and enjoyable.

Contribute an article to AlphaGearhead.com.

These are all activities that connect our passion and knowledge.  They can be achieved within a limited budget in terms of both money and time.  When shared with others, they will enhance our relationships.  Yes, a true gearhead develops his mind, heart and car!

Yes, let’s make 2018 a notable GearHead year.

Then I saw and considered it; I looked and received instruction.

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and

poverty will come upon you like a robber, and want like an armed man.

Proverbs 24:32-34 – ESV

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