Patience leads to progress

One of life’s golden virtues is patience.. the ability to delay what you want, knowing that there are other objectives or tasks that are more important at the moment.

In my case, trying to rebuild carburetors has been an excruciatingly long process. Not because the job itself is particularly difficult, SU carburetors are delightfully simple instruments, but because Life just gets in the way.

As a Husband and Father, though I love the Jag, it’s of little value in the absence of family love. I want my children to have fond memories of the car, and of me tinkering in the garage, but not of me being absent to them because I had my priorities out of order.

I started rebuilding these carburetors in earnest about five months ago, stealing away ten minutes here, thirty minutes there, and just have remounted number 2 (of 3). Hopefully I hear the familiar roar of the XK engine, and see my son’s smile in the passenger seat soon!

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