A Merry Gearhead Christmas

“Merry Christmas and a happy new year” is a chorus in which we find excitement this time of year.   Christmas trees await decoration and children search the web filling their heads with visions of the enjoyment to be found in just a few days, although it seems an eternity.  There are parties to attend … Continue reading A Merry Gearhead Christmas

Patience leads to progress

One of life's golden virtues is patience.. the ability to delay what you want, knowing that there are other objectives or tasks that are more important at the moment. In my case, trying to rebuild carburetors has been an excruciatingly long process. Not because the job itself is particularly difficult, SU carburetors are delightfully simple … Continue reading Patience leads to progress

Investing in Corvettes; Insights From Sting-Ray Siblings

Our family’s two Corvettes are like siblings, clearly sharing common DNA but truly unique in personality. Each is a true investment, providing a positive rate-of-return, but with very different approaches and measures of value.     These Corvettes were born about 18 months apart, the yellow coupe in late 1964, the blue roadster in mid … Continue reading Investing in Corvettes; Insights From Sting-Ray Siblings