Road-Worthy once more!

Yes, we’ve been quiet here at AlphaGearhead for far too long, but hear me out!

One of the challenges of classic cars is the constant attention they require to keep them on the road. Small projects turn into weeks or months. Major projects? Who knows? Add a full time job, family, kids.

Well, know we haven’t spent this time in idleness! The too-long dormant XK-140 had a string of unrelated oddball failures, but is finally back on the road!

The ‘65 Corvette Fuelie got new tires and brakes, and is ready to go! The ‘66 Corvette convertible not far behind with properly functioning headlight buckets for the first time in over 30 years!

Yes, it’s been a productive few weeks.

Read about the XK-140

Read about the “sibling” Corvettes

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